true and real

Refound this…

The Mystery of the Mysterious Mystery.
By : LeahK – an autobiography.Once upon a time there was my life.
It was pretty semi-normal,
And once in a while it would get either more or less interesting.
It didn’t really matter what happened, things would just always happen and change and rotate and blink and spring and fly and fluff.
But one day she thought about it,
And she realized that all things : sucky, sad, confusing, fun, awesome, and happy were all part of life and she would never understand it all.
But what she did understand was that everything happens the way it’s supposed to and impacts the future in ways that nobody could possibly begin to believe at this moment in time.
And that is when she was overwhelmed with peace and satisfaction.
And she thought about everyone who is true and real and was very thankful for them.
The End.

-peace and love-

Posted 2/7/2006 at 12:43 AM

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