Deer Dreams

I have been having many dreams of deer lately,
Thanks to
A. My husband who hunts pretty much every day
B. My babyboy who says “DEE” all the time, which means deer
C. The magazine with deer on the covers piled throughout the house.

In other news,
I haven’t been updating much because my computer has gotten painfully slow,
And using it has become more of a chore than it’s really worth.
Also I’ve been crafting a lot.

I am going to be photographing some of my new stuff for the HMC website,
And so when I do that I will put a few up here…
You know…
When I have a spare THREE HOURS…
Ok computer, I am exaggerating,
You are ridiculously slow and I want a new one of you for Christmas.
(Hear that Santa?)
I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.

-peace and love-

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