I busted out my decade-old-clay yesterday and had a blast while the bebe napped!

I made these two little dudes:

These bearded fellas, and some of their friends who have yet to be born, will be joining me at Handmade City this holiday season! 
I also made some simple fun little colourful earrings, some ornaments, and pendants! 
Did I mention I’m making Christmas gifts this year? WELL! I’m really doing it!
Today was rainy to begin with,
But later, got nice and sunny and breezy so it was too nice to be inside.
W & I went to the library and found him some different books,
I got some sewing books (with patterns inside! Yippeeee!) for me,
We stopped by a friend’s house for a few minutes,
Then we went downtown and went on a brisk walk with auntie Ashley & friend Siobhan.
Pushing a jogging stroller up a steep hill for three blocks got my pump-station workin’!
I ate a cough drop and now my teeth feel gross.
Time to brush.
-peace and love-

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