God bless the indian summer

I am really loving this second wind of nice weather before the coldness of the season sets in.


I am scared of my basement right now.
It’s too scary to go down there and work in it.
The best I can do is run down and do some laundry and run right back.
I think this means I need to clean up my studio.
WHICH I am going to have to do anyway … tis the season.
I’m going to be mainly making handmade gifts for people this year instead of buying them.
Nobody really needs anything anymore,
Not in this country anyway.

So since I have been putting all that off,
here are some pictures of the nice indian summerness Dubs & I have been enjoying.

Daddy lubs Baby

The green grass grew all around all around and the green grass grew all around…

Spidey eating fly

Shoe-less footses

-peace and love-

One thought on “God bless the indian summer

  1. beautiful photos. 🙂

    I need to clean my “studio” too. actually it's usually called the craft room, south florida room (named by Ryan because of the color), or the future baby room. haha. Studio sounds so much more…professional. 🙂 I digress…currently it looks like an explosion of felt, hot glue, fabric, beads, bobbles…etc. It needs to be cleaned and organized!

    so sad I missed seeing you and walter at Mel and Caleb's open house!

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