I was talking to some friends at church, and one of them mentioned his grandmother who was Danish. 
I am also of Danish descent, and (for some reason) got to wondering what is traditional for Danes to eat?

So I googled “Danish Cuisine”
And read the wikipedia entry. Well part of it. It is pretty long.
This caught my eye though, and made me think, “THAT’S why I’m like this!”
The concept of ‘hygge’ is exactly me.

”  Good food is an important ingredient in the Danish concept of hygge, a word that can be best translated as a “warm, fuzzy, cozy, comfortable feeling of well-being” and may be seen as analogous to the German Gemütlichkeit. While the attainment of hygge is a near-universal goal in Danish culture, hygge itself is a highly personal concept, and varies significantly according to circumstances, region, and individual family traditions. Generally speaking, however, good food, good company, wine, comfortable furniture, soft easy lighting (candle lights in particular), music, etc., all contribute to the feeling of “hygge”.  “

I’m not lazy, I’m just hygge.

Oh, and here’s a picture of aebelskiver to tempt your eyeballs.
We like to make this at Christmas in my family 
(thanks to some fellow Danish friends who showed us how!)

-peace and love-

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