It’s Been a While…

Since I…
Could hold my head up high…
NO just kidding.
My computer is not connecting to the in-home-interwebs though,
So…it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.
Just think, back when I was born
Wasn’t even a word yet.
How times have changed.

Today is “one of those days”…
It kind of smells like autumn
Although it’s not yet.
The air is finally cooler and not humid
There’s a light breeze
The cicadas are going to town on their haphazard orchestra
You can practically smell the garden/dirt/grass in the air wherever you go…
Basically, it’s a rather fresh day.
And refreshing.
Refreshingly fresh.
It’s days like these that make me miss working at Starbucks,
I’m not sure why.
Also days like this that make me want to set goals, accomplish things, and be 100% me.
If only every day was like today!

I will enjoy it while I can.
And so should you.

-peace and love-

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