Music Update

I haven’t updated the bloggyblog lately, because I have been scheming up a new plan.

First I was thinking

“I’ll record one new song every day for my 365 project”

But then reality told me

“No, you should record SOME every day, and make as many songs as you can, but don’t set your goal so high or you won’t be able to keep up with it”

So I listened to reality this time, and I have done well so far 🙂

I can’t remember which day I started, but it’s been over a week now, and I’m feeling good!

GO HERE because I’m still too scared to try and put music on here since last time I tried that it crashed the blog for like a week.

My only stipulation is that each song has to be a least one minute long.
That is it!

Now go hear it.

 workin the microkorg

-peace and love-

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