Hot Today!

I would love to be floating in here right now.

go here if you’d like to read about sinkholes!

I just sort of became captivated by this picture on pinterest and had to share it on here!

In other news, the baby is sleeping…
He has a really nasty bite on his knee that has gotten bigger,
And I’m taking him to see the doctor for it first thing tomorrow morning.
The garden is doing well,
Although the japanese beetles are munching on leaves
Which makes me mad.
I need to devote some time to flicking them off so they will die and not kill our food.
I’ll have to get some garden pictures to put up here!
I talked to my grandma today. She is so cute.
Getting laundry done.
Grilling food tonight.
I want to go for a nice bike-ride, but I still need to get a trailer for Walter to ride behind!
Also, I miss my bestbest friend Mary and I wish that she lived here.
We would probably be hanging out right now and our babies would be playing together.

(This was long ago!)

(Well maybe 5 or 6 years. I guess that is kind of long!?)

-peace and love-

2 thoughts on “Hot Today!

  1. There is some sort of solution that uses dishsoap to keep the beetles off your plants. I don't know the exact recipe but am sure you can find it on the internet. If you are growing broccoli, you can stretch old panty hose of nylon socks over the crowns to protect them. They still get sun but the pests are unable to eat them!

  2. We don't have broccoli this year, but that's good to know! Thanks for the hints! I'll have to search that dishsoap thing. That would be good.

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