I was talking to my father-in-law not too long ago,
And he was reminiscing about the days he used to windsurf on the mighty Mississippi.
Apparently a lot of people used to be out there,
Peppering the waters with their colourful gear.
It got me thinking:
I may not be the most coordinated person in the world,
But I’m also no Bella Swan.
So I think I could learn.
Doesn’t this look SO fun?

(just to be clear, this is NOT a picture of the Mississippi. We don’t have mountains in the mid-west, last time I checked, although it WOULD be nice.)

The ocean would be fun to try too, someday. IF I got the hang of it.

And that is that.

-peace and love-

One thought on “~Windsurfing~

  1. No thank you! I am a wimp and do not like adrenaline…:) You are so adventurous…but I would like to put together some songs for Sunday sometime….

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