Old School

Looking through my photo folders is taking me down memory lane.

Here are a few of my faves, in no particular order…

Tourist – we were babies!!
Ashley at Cornerstone
Rooftop sitting at the blue house!

The best show we ever played, Murfreesboro TN.
Nate and Brian at the Mississippi Valley Fair
Anne’s special popcorn machine popcorn
Working at Starbucks

Megan’s antics. (MISS HER!

“I’m Vee baby”

2308 Party

Road Trippin

I have so many great memories from so many different times of life with lots of fun people, many of these photographs are in my brain only, and some of them are simply not digital and haven’t been scanned into the computer. It’s crazy to think how far technology has come in my short lifetime. Our kids will sadly probably not even know what a REAL FILM CAMERA is unless they get really into photography or something!
Well that’s enough sentimental-ness for one night. Plus the layout is getting all wonky and making me annoyed. I am getting to loathe technology more and more as I get worse and worse at using it.
-peace and love-

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