I don’t know if it is:
A. My pretty much clean house

B. My newfound motivation

C. The little nap I took today

D. The bacon burgers we made for dinner

E. The fact that I’m so caught up on laundry

F. My ideas for fixing up the old bathroom

G. The shower I just took

H. How my cameras current battery AND other backup battery are now fully charged

I. The weather getting warmer

J. All the cool stuff I received for free today

K. Planning an anniversary trip way in advance for a change

L. Walter has been asleep since about 7:15pm
(RIGHT as I typed that he made a sound in his crib… HA oh dear. when will I learn.)

M. That my husband is awesome and I am going to go thrift shopping for pants for him

N. My crazy ideas that pop into my head all day every day that I needlessly get excited about

O. My cousin had an adorable baby girl

P. I have a brand new fresh mascara to use tomorrow

Q. I’m sending my bff a package in the mail tomorrow


But I feel spectacular right now.

Also I feel like I should say that I found a great toothbrush that I love.

-peace and love-

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