Sunny days, Chasing the clouds away

I’m so glad that spring is here – although the weather has been a little back and forth, it is finally settling in to the warmer weather and that makes me happy.

It’s time for the garden, fishing, and being outside in general! Vitamin D! Yeah!

I’ll be taking product pictures today outside since it’s so beautiful out, and listing some items on my Etsy Shop which is something I’ve been meaning to do since Handmade City, but haven’t gotten around to it yet!

My brother Lewis is back from Korea (has been for over a month now, but has been off traveling to visit friends and family) and it’s been great hanging out with him again! We are going to collaborate and do some awesome (hopefully) projects such as:

A kid’s book
Music (probably covers)
And who knows what else. Brother is usually full of ideas.

Seth is working on splitting loads of wood from the giant oak tree we took down in the backyard. I think we will have plenty for the wood stove to burn the entire winter and then some.

Da bebe is crawling around like crazy these days, and has a bit of a tooth on the bottom, and is going to be 1 in July which is coming up soon so that is also crazy! I guess it did go kind of fast…

I realize this is kind of a boring, personal blog post, but that’s what’s been going on.

Oh and to add to the boredom and a fact that you don’t care to know, I have been working on laundry which is a never-ending battle, and I am down to about 2 baskets! YAY!

-peace and love-

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