Crunch Time

I haven’t posted anything for a while since I’ve been busy with trying to finish up some projects that will be up for sale at Handmade City 2 this coming Saturday.

Actually I’ve barely been on my computer much at all… the iPod touch is much quicker to use for a quick check up on this or that than this old beast, although typing is by far more efficient with the old laptop.

We had a good time with Family on Easter, and had some good food and got some cute pictures taken of the babies at church – I need to take more pictures as the Boy is growing. I take a lot as it is, but he is changing every day and I have the feeling that one day I’m going to realize that he’s grown up and wish I had more pictures to reminisce over. Plus he can just be such a goofball sometimes. Hopefully I can capture more of that!

I must say, this has probably been the rainiest spring that I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of living. The plus side is that the grass is looking vividly green and the trees are blooming and bright and flowers are looking healthy. The downside is that it’s extremely gloomy every single day, and for some reason, I find it harder to accomplish things when the weather is so sucky. Snow is different because it’s soft, quiet, sparkly and beautiful. But rain is just gray and wet and annoying to walk around in. So I avoid that, and stay inside.

I guess that’s all for now – I most likely will not end up posting again until after Saturday!

Don’t forget to come – it’s going to be super fun!
If you’re looking for a slouchy hat, a baby hat, a leather & chain bracelet, a fabric flower clip, a bicycle backpack, or ready-to-display-art-in-a-frame, come visit my table! 😀

Check out the website if you don’t already know what the details are.

-peace and love-

p.s. Isn’t this rug from Anthropologie just ridiculous cute? I would totally put this in the baby’s room! I can’t help it… it’s my favourite store, even if I can’t afford stuff from there 🙂

One thought on “Crunch Time

  1. i almost got a job at anthropologie …. it was a group interview and i was so nervous! everything was going well until we were instructed to get in pairs and find outfits suitable for certain events…. as i was frantically searching for the PERFECT graduation party spring dress my purse hit a table in the middle of the store and there was a crash! i totally broke some glass figurines that were delicately placed on the table. ….. guess who didn't get a call back? bahahaha!

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