New Song!

Has anyone yet noticed the irony of this offical website title
And how there is actually no music on the website?
Well I have.
And it’s annoying.
But when I tried to embed a song on here once,
The whole blog shut down for a few days and I went,
“Whoah oh no what the heck”
And then it got fixed
But I have since been too scared to try anything daring like that
So until either
A. I become more savvy with these newfangled contraptions or
B. Someone decides to fix my blogger up all fancy adding musical options or something

I will link you to somewhere else for the musical part of the website.

Thank you.

*disclaimer – before you go listen to the new song called “Here”, you must know that it is a very imperfect recording, and I was getting over a cold when I recorded the vocals so forgive me… but I am getting to the point where I just needed to put SOMETHING out there, so here you go for now. I will not put a crappy recording like this on a cd though. I promise.  Ok now you can listen.

All for now!

What I did today.
Shout-out to my babyboy for taking a nap so I could
get things done. This doesn’t look very comfortable, does it?

-peace and love-

2 thoughts on “New Song!

  1. haha!! haven't listened yet because i am holding a sleeping baby, but i wanted to say i LOVE your hair and that position of W's is great!! So much for a bumper, eh? lol

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