I love Springtime!
It means that winter is finally over.
Today was pretty nice.
I went to a new restaurant called “Seeds” with my friends in the babyboyclub.
It’s not really a club, but we all have cute baby boys so it basically is.
The food was really fresh and good
PLUS they have baby food for the young-uns. Bonus!
Check it out!

In other news, if you don’t have one of these

You should get one. 
I just made some guacamole yesterday and it’s so much easier with one of these!
It was good, and now it is gone. 
Now I need more guacamole and chips!
I have been working on some leather bracelets for HMC2
Pictures tomorrow? 
So husband and I took W for a little stroll since it was warm enough
And there were some blossoms here and there and general springtime goodness
And I took some pictures! 
Magnolia tree in bloom! SO lovely!
I thought this was a crocus, and I was right!

Hocus Pocus it’s a crocus

Magnolia in the sunlight

Walking – it was pretty windy


Husband and Baby ❤

He’s waving! (not really but it looks like it!)

That’s about it for now…
I have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow
So that should be fun.
Including but not limited to 12 or so baskets of laundry! 
No joke!
It piles up quickly.
-peace and love-

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Jeesh Patty you never comment on MY blog!! Heee.hee..well Leah I love that avocado contraption. We eat them here all the time. I just learned a tip on shoving each half into a cooling rack, it was pretty cool, but I don't need that for one half at a time so I am gonna get one of those..where did you get it?

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