Mouse, Hummus, Camera – 46, 47 & 48

Day 46:
The Mouse in the Yarn
There was a little mouse who lived in the corner and he loved where he lived right under a pile of yarn. Well, one day a new mouse came along and tricked him into thinking that the humans in the house wanted him to sleep in their bed with them to keep their feet warm. (He really only told the naive mouse this so he could steal his cozy yarn-pile.) So the innocent little mouse said farewell to the new stranger, and made his way into one of the rooms to start warming up the foot of the bed. (Since mice are very small, he decided he had better get an early start if it were to be warm at all by bed-time.) He even ran back and forth under the covers until he got hot and had to stop. Soon enough, he could hear the dinner dishes rattling and knew that the humans would be turning in for the evening in no time at all! He was so excited! The footsteps came down the hallway and into the room. The new mouse had snuck down the hallway as well to get a good look at what would happen. (He was a dreadful sort of mouse who talked with his mouth full of food, had an annoying laugh, and never learned how to be nice to anyone else.) The human walking into the room happened to be a girl with fuzzy green slippers. She stopped when she saw that the little lump under her covers was breathing. (Usually socks that fall off and get stuck at the foot of the bed don’t move.) She leaned over and lifted the covers up to find an expectant little mouse trying as hard as he could to heat up the sheets. To the evil mouse’s dismay, the girl picked up the innocent mouse and held him close as she crawled beneath her covers.
     “You can sleep on my pillow and keep my nose warm.” She told the him.
His heart leapt and he curled up happily next to her face, making sure her nose was indeed covered in his soft fur.
     “Drat.” The mean mouse pouted and left the room to go back to his pile of yarn. When he returned to the living room, the yarn was gone and had been replaced by a cold, metal box.
The End.

Day 47:
I made some hummus (unfortunately just plain… I would have liked to put something in it to give it a little zing… maybe roasted red peppers but didn’t have any on hand…) but it turned out okay . I also felt the urge to write the word I suppose. It’s kind of a weird word, when you think about it.

Day 48:
Camera on a napkin.
Basically, I was trying to prove to Seth that the camera he drew was better than mine would be so I drew this.
I still think his was better even if he disagrees with me 🙂
All for now… I have a hat but it needs to be photographed in good light so that will have to be done tomorrow!
-peace and love-

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