It’s back! & Day Forty-Two.

I was worried that the interweb had deleted my blog forever and I was not too happy about that.
But it looks like they have righted the situation, and I am glad! 🙂
Although I’m still going to have to figure out how to load music on here…

So I started out in January doing this project thing, where you make something every day.
inspired by this! —–>

I fell off the bandwagon, but I am getting back on.
I tend to put too much pressure on myself sometimes,
And when I get under pressure and fall behind, I usually do the opposite of most people.
I give up.
But something [good] else I do is get back up and try again.
So I’m going to simplify things, and add an exception to my project-a-day.
I happen to also enjoy writing poems and silly stories.
So if I don’t get a physical project done,
Or even if I just feel like it that day,
I will allow myself to do creative writing as well.
It’s my deal, so I get to set my own rules right?
That’s the beauty of it!

I have made some things this past month and sold or given them away, so I’m just going to pick up where I left off with the last number I did. I may not make it to 365 this year (well I won’t)
But it’s something and next year maybe it will be more!

Here is a simple drawing I made in photoshop of my cute sleepy husband in his yellow chair.

-peace and love-

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