I haven’t been on my computer much this past week or so.
I was thinking to myself,
“I don’t read books nearly as often as I used to”
And so I am trying to do this more and make it a habit
Therefore, computer time is lessened much.
Plus, I’m just kind of tired of it.
I’ve been doing cooler better things like writing music, sewing, reading ( I just said that )
Working out, going for walks and getting outside in general
(Thank God the weather is finally turning!!)
And hanging out with Walter which I always do anyway
But I thought I’d throw that in there.
He’s getting pretty good and sliding backwards on his tum and spinning around
It’s so cute.
I made pudding with rice milk.
It did NOT set well.
I’m throwing it out.
Don’t even attempt to do that ever.
My living room is so much more open now that I rearranged it
And I am glad!
My brother comes home in about a week (from Korea!)
That’s all I can think of.
I didn’t get much sleep last night so
(even though it’s only 9pm on old time, I have to get used to the new time.)

-peace and love-

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