#’s 37, 38, 39 & 40.

Well it’s out of order, but I had made several hair clips when I was sick last month,
And sold my camera that same week and therefore never photographed these projects
Better late than never, right!

I kind of like this raggedy looking one.
I made the flower in the center out of some weird metallic looking beads that had been sitting in my box forever and I didn’t know what to do with them.

This one is just another crazy looking crochet ‘flower’ with some beads sewn in for the center.

I kinda like this one… I should get some more feathers and expound on this idea.

Ok so then getting back to the present.
I made this card today …
Now all I need is to get invited to someone’s wedding.
I can’t believe it, but there are NO weddings on my calendar this year, I don’t think?!
Not yet anyway…
But after a few years of MANY weddings to attend, it’s a little weird.

In other news, this weather is really weird.
I wrote a few songs this past week
Which has been awesome finding that again
And I’m working on a red hat,
Which I may be tempted to keep.
We’ll see.
Handmade City 2 is coming up very quickly
And I’m going to want to have a butt-load of hats available for that
SO we’ll see if I can spare one!

-peace and love-

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