Weekend project… #36

My computer is having a mental breakdown right now.
I can access some things but can’t get on the interweb
So I’m using my husmanbands computer
But all my photos are on MY computer
THANKFULLY I had uploaded some pictures from my scrapbooking project
Before my computer went on strike.
Here is a sample of what I’ve been working on.
It’s a birthday gift for my mother-in-law
A photo album of Walter’s life so far 🙂

I don’t scrapbook with cute paper and stuff very often.

(well I did it once on about 5 pages years and years ago and it took so long I went back to my trim picture/paste in book/write caption method.)

I think this started out a bit rough but toward the end I started getting more the hang of it I guess.

It’s still not my favourite thing to do, but I wanted to make something special for her to show of the grandboy! 🙂

Spring could not come soon enough!
-peace and love-

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