Camera Case – #35

I am probably more excited than I should be about laundry right now
Only because I’m attempting my first felting project EVER
And the washer is filling up with hot water
And perhaps shrinking the yarn a little AS I TYPE.
I crocheted a little camera bag today with some leftover wool yarn my mom gave me
Hopefully it will turn out, and serve to protect my camera
And not become so small that a mouse could use it for a sleeping bag.

Today was also my first experience with Jillian Michaels.
She kicked my butt.
I don’t know why, but I’ll probably visit with her tomorrow as well.

I had a nice little outing with W this afternoon,
We met up with my mom and got some Starbucks.
My baby loves him some Starbucks.

Ok so the case is complete.
Well I might embellish it a little with some embroidery
But the basic thing is done.
It didn’t turn as small as I had hoped,
And I even ran it through 2 cycles
But what do ya do.
It was my first try!

I love the button.
That’s why I have a super close picture of the button
Because I like that button
That’s how cool I think it is.
The button seems rather prehistoric.

I went to Starbucks twice today I think.
This evening I went to the library like a high-schooler
And met up with my friend Anne
Then we went to Starbucks and read over report cards for her kids.
I’m tired right now, but I want to look for some books in the library system
And see about reserving them. Cos I’m a dork. LALALA!

-peace and love-

5 thoughts on “Camera Case – #35

  1. OH Sarah, there's something about that button.
    THAT should be a movie. The button could walk around and woo people solely based on its good looks. It would be a mega-blockbuster.

  2. I'm wondering if any of your camera case photos have the camera IN the case? Maybe it didn't shrink as much as you expected because your crocheting wasn't real loose. It's a grand experiment. If you want some pre-felted wool…you know where to find it. 🙂 Oh yeah…and where did that pre-historic button come from?

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