Blue Hat # 34?

Here is a blue hat I finished today.

I had started some projects,
Gotten sick,
W got sick,
And so I got really behind on my thing-a-day stuffmaking!
I’m going to brush off and keep forging ahead.
Some days I have made multiple things anyway,
So it probably evens out right? 😉

Tomorrow I will be working on a special birthday gift for my mother-in-law
I’m not sure if I should post pictures of it or not
Because she might see it?

The bread I made earlier turned out good!
The chocolate chips mostly melted into the bread
And it was soft and warm and delish.

Also I am going to try to quit using real shampoo.
I used a baking soda mixture today
And my hair feels weird
But I think it might take a few times to get all that shampoo gunk out.

That is all for now.

-peace and love-

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